Fighting the Patriarchy on Hallow's Eve

Happy spooky season ladies, self-identifying females, and nonbinary persons!

This Halloween and every Halloween, we must face a form of sexism in a very spooky disguise: slut-shaming.

Let’s face the cold hard truth: Women’s clothes are not for women. In our society, a large amount of the time they are targeted to men to appeal to them. Women become this object of admiration or target of unwanted advances thanks to this idea that when women dress up to look their best, they are doing for other people rather than for themselves. This is made apparent through transparent clothing and sexualization of even children’s costumes. Why does a crayon costume need to be sexy? It doesn’t add up.

Secondly, when is the comfort of the woman taken into account for sizing? Even adding functional pockets to an outfit that would benefit from pockets is a step that could be made but hasn’t yet.

These boxes and social constructs are in need of a break through. Women and all people need to know that all they are obligated to do is be themselves and have the right to be comfortable in their person. That being said ladies, it’s okay to be sexy! Feeling sexy is empowering, don’t let society make you feel like it’s not okay to feel yourself and to show off your exuberant confidence. You should be enjoying your Halloween night no matter what.

Here are some ideas of what you can do during this period of hypersexualization where there should be good spooks and candy:


1. Boycott the industry

On an extreme level, just don’t participate in the event that does not see women as people of value other than arm candy.


2. Dress how you want!

A lower-key but still impactful approach is dressing how you want. Don’t let anyone stop you or dictate what you want to wear. This’ll show your comfort as yourself, a human being deserving of all things good and sweet like candy apples and pumpkin patches.


3. Make your own costume

A middle ground could be making your own costume! Try dressing up as an inspiring female figure like Rosie the Riveter, Simone de Beauvoir, or Beyoncé!


4. Talk about it!

Just mentioning the issue during Halloween is power in your hands. Share your opinion, tell people to beware the spooky form of sexism that is slut-shaming. Suggest to others that instead of judging of calling a woman names, try respecting women this Halloween!


Enjoy yourselves this Halloween, and crush the patriarchy while you’re at it ladies!