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Fashion For Change Theme Release

On Friday, January 25th, a very interesting semi-formal event was held at Wilf’s near the University of Laurier, here in Waterloo. The purpose of the event was to release the theme of the upcoming fashion show for Fashion for Change. The show and its associated theme release party are held every year and are always greatly anticipated. It is a fun event and profits from the show go towards charities, so it also has a great cause. (This year alone, they raised over $110,000!)

The theme of the show was decided by the board of directors as well as the marketing department. However, no one else was aware of what the theme was. The photographers knew about the soon-to-be released theme but that’s because they had been taking pictures for promoting the event. However, none of the models themselves, or the executive team were ever aware of what this year’s theme would be. For this reason, as soon as people started arriving at the pub, many rumors could be heard as to what the year’s theme could possibly be. Everyone had a different hypothesis. Tbh, we participated in a few rumors ourselves, LOL. Is that allowed? (We were curious, forgive us!)

The models had been around the designers and the board of directors so they had a few great speculations about what the theme could be. According to one of the models, the show was supposed to have 7 scenes. With this, we heard rumors like “There are 7 scenes in the show, 7 days in a week… that could have something to do with it.” But who really knew what the theme was other than the people who decided it? This was all just speculation. And we could not wait any longer!     The big moment came around midnight, specifically 11:49 PM (yes, we were counting the minutes till the release). Everyone was standing near the presenters, eager to hear the results. Some of them even looked like they were about to pull the theme right out of their mouths. (Uh, no matter how bad that sounds… it is true LOL). And in case you feel the same way, let’s stop dragging out this article and just TELL YOU ALREADY! You want to hear what it is? Hold on there, because you will be amazed.  

“7 cities, 7 stories, Tuesday.”


Once the theme was released, many were celebrating, although some were confused, and it took a quick explanation from the presenters to set things straight. The show would revolve around 7 stories, happening in 7 different places, all in one day. Sounds cool doesn’t it? (I know it had us in wows ?) I mean have you ever thought about what another person might be doing in a day? Where they are or what they might be doing in this moment? Do you ever wonder if maybe you and another person could be doing the exact same thing? Hm… I know we have.

The show will show the audience the lives of 7 different people from New York, Toronto, Hong Kong, Rio, Los Angeles, London and Lisbon. All of the stories will be separately developed and then somehow connected in the end and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together. So, get excited with us and get your tickets (before they run out!)

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