Fashion for Change’s Annual Theme Release Party 2018

On Friday, January 26th, Fashion for Change – a student run non-profit organization partnered with WE Charity – hosted its 8th annual theme release party. What a night it was!


With record breaking ticket sales, masses of gorgeous people waited in anticipation of the special announcement to be revealed just before midnight – the theme of this year's Annual Charity Fashion Show! To take the edge off, guests enjoyed delicious appetizers, drinks, and music from a killer DJ (@daneonman), all while discussing theories of what the theme could be, noting hints scattering the Bombshelter pub, including a specialty drink menu.



Every year, the club hosts an Annual Charity Fashion Show, with all proceeds raised throughout the year going towards WE Charity's WE Villages Campaign. Fashion for Change's adopted village is in Moyamba, Sierra Leone. Donations go towards rebuilding communities and focusing on education. Anita Ballachanda, a third year arts and business student and this year’s Events Director says, “It's inspiring to see that our small community has given over $97,000 already to WE Charity, and to see the potential the club has for the future.”


The wait is over - this year’s theme is… PANDORA’S BOX!


Following classic Greek Mythology, there will be 12 scenes such as pride, greed, addiction, lust, and destruction (to name a few). There will be 7 choreographed scenes which will feature clothing sponsored by local clothing stores as well as 5 designer scenes where all clothing is designed and created entirely by students!


“To me, creativity is something that I can only express through my hobbies. Everything that I study at school is very structured. Styling clothes, writing, and dancing are my only outlets for creative expression, and I feel like my hobbies are what keep me sane in the midst of academic stress,” Says Amy Ro, a third year Psychology and Legal Studies student and model for this year’s show.


Known to be a night full of fun, you’ll be sure to find us at FC’s Annual Charity Fashion Show, and we hope to see you too!


For more information, check out Fashion For Change’s official event page.