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I might sound totally #basic, but I think fall is the *BEST* season of them all. After all, what’s not to love about short days and long boots, amirite? There are so many reasons to love this season, and below are my top 3 reasons.

The Weather

Every fall morning, it feels as though the sun rises from a pool of crimson and gold and a parky pocket of air wraps around like a thin blanket. As the day goes on, it seems as though the whole landscape has bathed in the warm glow of the rising sun. The changing colors of leaves instills a sense of inspiration in people, and the fall foliage almost turns the earth into an ever-so-exciting artistic masterpiece. The weather paired with the sun shining so brightly, the chilly breeze blowing so invitingly, and the fall colors, opens up an unlimited wardrobe potential. You can wear anything from a trendy tank top to a show-stopping sweater! Plus, the fall environment also makes it possible to hike up the wonderful woodlands in Canada. 

The Food

Fall brings an onslaught of scrumptious seasonal treats. Of course, there’s pumpkin spice and everything nice! But there’s much more to the fall flavors brought on by the bounty of fall produce. There’s the maple mania; you can add maple to the menu in multiple ways with muffins, biscuits, and waffles. Next, there’s the apple appeal. Apples, the quintessential fall fruit, lend themselves to granolas, pies, pancakes, ciders, and so much more! Lastly, there’s a wide range of savory selections for the season, including crispy sweet potato fries, aromatic butternut squash curry, and celebratory turkey. 

The Holidays

Peek-a-boo — there’s another reason to love fall, too! Fall is the season for the family-styled and fun-filled Thanksgiving. On this historical holiday, we give thanks for the harvest season and enjoy a delicious dinner with our families. Then, there is Halloween — a night dedicated for us to play dress-up and go trick-or-treating!

Hey hi hello! My name is Jetashree Ravi (Nickname: Jet! ?). As an aspiring female developer, I am pursuing Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. I love designing, developing, DIY-ing, sketching, scuba diving, and chasing chaildish conversations.
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