Fall Favourites for Female Empowerment

In a world full of long readings, upcoming midterms,and mansplaining, it’s hard to feel like the strong woman that you really are. Here are some items that can get you back in your A game and rising up to every challenge you come across.


1. Rupi Kaur

Poetry is fantastic but Rupi’s is even more so, not only for literature, but also for femininity! She covers so many important topics with a strong, steadfast stance. Did you know she went to University of Waterloo for Rhetoric Studies? I’d love to follow in her uplifting, badass footsteps.


2. Still Here by Rowan Blanchard

This poetry/art book is the perfect coming-of-age story but totally had me bawling for its relatability and depth, even from a second-year university perspective. Rowan Blanchard is the activist we all should aim to be.


3. Reusable Starbucks Cup

What better way to power up than through coffee and eco-friendliness? The best part is being able to save the planet during your morning warm-up. You’ll feel refreshed and ready! There are so many patterns that can inspire you to have your best day.


4. Norvina Palette

Ever since it was announced, I’ve had my eye on this palette. We all love to feel our best, why not do it with sparkle? It’s empowering to take control of your beauty so even if you’re not a makeup fanatic, the best thing is to do you girl! Beauty comes from within; be a stunner either way.  


5. Bullet Journal

Add some structure to your life by listing every plan, idea, and task. Your future self will thank you for it.


6. Fall Playlist/Soundtrack

I like to make multiple playlists for what I’m feeling for the day. A great suggestion is to put your most uplifting, feel-good songs on your study playlist. Music can change the way you feel and you should always feel smart, beautiful, and truly you.


7. Girl Love Rafiki

If you don’t know Lilly Singh or the We Movement, go Google it now! This bracelet empowers those who wear it and girls around the world that receive an impact on their lives thanks to your purchase. Don’t forget that the best women lift other women up as well.


8. Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

It’s not what you think. This story is motivating, hilarious, and strengthening. It was also a Staff Pick at Cole’s in Conestoga Mall. You’ll feel so alive and inspired after reading this pick!


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