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Enjoyable Things to do During Your Co-op Term

Co-op at UWaterloo is great because you get work experience, get paid, and don’t have to study after work hours (unless you are taking an online course). You have all the time to yourself after work and on weekends. To enjoy your time the fullest, here are some things that you can do after work hours during your co-op term:


Meet with friends: Reunite with old friends who are in the same city as you, or connect with your friends who are working in the same city as you. You can also make new friends through your old friends.


Pick up a new hobby: Whether it’s yoga, knitting, painting, or reading. Do that thing that you’ve been always wanting to try out. Now is the time!


Work on your goals: With exams and assignments to worry about, it’s harder to work on you during school. Now that you have that time after work, you can concentrate on your goals.


Go for events:  You can attend networking events, or any that take place in the city you’re in. Stand up comedy nights to cultural festivals to fundraising events. As well, if you’re working on campus, you can join clubs and activities that run after work hours.


Last but not least, relax! You’ve worked hard at work, you deserve to take a break :)

Hawa Latuke

Waterloo '21

Fourth year of the double degree program pursing a bachelors of mathematics at the University of Waterloo and a bachelors of business administration at Wilfrid Laurier University.   Avid tea drinker. 
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