End of the Year Self-Reviews: Prepping for 2019!

It's unbelievable that 2018 has ended! It’s been a very long year with so many different events happening.  Here are five things you can do as the new year begins so that you can start fresh in 2019.


1. Check your finances

New year new spending. Make sure you have checked your bank account to see if there are any significant purchases or expenses you have left to pay.


2. Review your social media.

You may have posted something during the year that you may want to hide or edit now.


3. Clean up your phone storage

Checked to see if you really need those +500 photos on your phone or if there are apps that you haven’t used since March.


4. Clean out your room

Check to see if you have anything that needs to be thrown out or donated and if there is anything you need to fix.


5. Look back at the year

Make a list of the good and the bad of 2018 and see what you'd like to change in the new year. If you had resolutions, check to see how you progressed,


I hope everyone has a wonderful 2019!