The End of an Era: What I’ve Learned from Three Years of Her Campus

I began writing for Her Campus (HC) just a little over three years ago, in Winter 2016. I have loved it and continued to write articles regularly ever since. I’ve had wonderful experiences with HC Waterloo and with the wider Her Campus community in general. Unfortunately, as the cliché goes, all good things must come to an end. As my anticipated graduation from UW approaches and my time as a student comes to an end, so must my career as a Her Campus contributor. In the last three years, I’ve learned a lot from this organization. My recent reflections on it all have inspired me to share some of those lessons. So, without further ado, here are five of the most important things that Her Campus has taught me:


1. Make time to do things you love, just for yourself.

We face so many responsibilities, deadlines and commitments every single day that it can be hard to take time to do things just for yourself. By being a member of Her Campus, I had to take the time to do something for me every time I wrote an article. Writing let me forget about everything else in my life for awhile and just spend time doing what I love.



2. Be proud of your work.

I am still not totally confident sharing all my work with everyone, but every piece I wrote and shared on my personal social media made me just a bit more comfortable doing it. Every time I worried that my work might not be good enough, or that I might come across as too narcissistic for sharing it, reactions from people I know ended up being positive and I realized that my worries were for nothing.


3. Getting involved in extracurriculars can help you in ways you don’t expect.

I joined Her Campus because I like to write and it seemed like a lot of fun. I knew extracurricular activities in general always look good on a resume too, but my experience has had more benefits than I ever imagined at the time: Over the last three years, I’ve applied for multiple jobs for which blogging experience specifically was a valuable asset for the role. The experience has been beneficial to me in some of my school work and my other extracurricular activities as well. I’ve even gotten some random free makeup and skincare samples out of it. HC has given me so much more than I expected three years ago.



4. Always consider the implications of what you post online.

I’ve always tried to be careful about what I share publicly online, but seeing the things I write come up as the first result when I google myself really helped to reinforce the lesson. Every time I write something, I have to consider how it may be perceived by potential employers, relatives, and strangers, and it helps me to make sure I’m keeping a positive online presence.


5. There are far more amazing and inspiring women in the world than you ever imagined.

From attending meetings with the women of the Waterloo chapter, to attending larger HC events like Her Conference and College Fashion Week, Her Campus has introduced me to some amazing women. Whether I was talking to a UW superstar who’s extremely involved on campus, listening to a panel discussion by a young author publishing her first book, or meeting the former editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine and hearing her talk about work-life balance, I have been inspired in so many ways and met so many people who I never would have realized existed otherwise.



As much as it saddens me to see the end of my Her Campus career, I am so incredibly thankful for everything it has given me along the way. To anyone reading this, I hope you take these lessons to heart and find something in your own life that is as fulfilling to you as Her Campus has been to me. As the term comes to a close, I wish you all the best with whatever comes next for you. Whether it’s another school term, a co-op placement, a summer vacation, or some other adventure, have a good one!



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