Dating Advice From A 10-year-old Boy


Dating in university is hard. There are so many people out and about doing and wanting so many different things, how can you possibly find what’s right for you?

I’ve tried it all, from joining clubs to going out to clubs, swiping through Tinder, Bumble, Christian Mingle - the works. These ventures usually result in disappointment, chickening out or worse, the infamous phantom date who never texted you back but still watches all your Instagram stories… sound familiar? How do you find someone *organically* now a days?


Recently I’ve been doing my best to spice up my dating life (#cuffingseason) so when the topic came up over Thanksgiving weekend, my cousin (“E”) didn’t hesitate to share some knowledge from his experience, he’s been going steady with the same girl since day-care by the way. I decided to give him a chance to share. After all, it might be encouraging to hear some untainted, optimistic, never-been-hurt-before, full-of-childlike wonder advice.



Me: So what should we do on our date?


E: Well, you like music, so you should sing together. You should write a love song together, about love.


Me: On the first date!? I was thinking of getting coffee, is that a good idea?


E: (Pauses to think) ...Yeah! that’s a good idea, you can even get snacks too, whatever you like to do. You should buy him the coffee. And then you can walk around and then go out for dinner. You should pay for that too - that way he will like you more.


Me: How do you know if it’s going well?


E: Well for me, one time I was playing with (steady girlfriend) at my house and we were playing with these tools - like toy tools, hammers and stuff. I accidentally hit her with the drill and she laughed.


Me: And that’s when you knew?


E: Yeah.


Me: Wow that’s really something, I’ll keep an eye out for that!


E: (smiles)


Me: What should we do at the end of the date?

E: Hmm at the end, you should ask him if he wants to have a sleepover.


Me: On the first date Elliott!?


E: Oh yeah, okay, maybe you should ask him if he wants to go out again sometime, and you should go to Skyzone to see if he is fit.


So in summary, if you’re out there trying to find your boo, try to connect to your childlike self, take some risks, pay for dinner and go to Skyzone before asking your date over for a sleepover. One simple formula for success!