Conestoga Mall: Easter Chocolate Edition

As someone who doesn’t celebrate Easter, one thing I look forward to around this time of year is of course the long weekend, and c h o c o l a t e. I definitely have a sweet tooth, and stocking up on some sale goodies makes me the happiest girl. Unfortunately, Waterloo only really has one mall so our options can be somewhat limited. Here is a list of some stores to grab some sweets this Easter weekend!


1. Lindt

We couldn’t start the list without our most prized possession could we? The new Lindt store in the mall is a blessing (and the fact that they give free samples). Head over here if you’re looking for some chocolate easter bunnies on sale!


2. Zehrs

The classic grocery store. They will definitely carry a variety of sweet treats, and probably will have a really good sale on treats during the days after Easter. You can productively do your grocery shopping and pick up some sale items on the way out. That’s pretty much adulting right?!


3. Laura Secord

This place is for more than just ice cream. They have plenty of gift-able chocolates - I won’t tell if you gift them to yourself ;)


4. Winners

This one might not be obvious but department stores are a great place for finding good deals. They have almost 2 aisles full of snacks and drinks. You might even find some Easter-inspired drinks!


5. Indigo

If you’re looking for some bougie treats and books, the new Indigo is for you! With a Starbucks located right in the store, you can even stop by to energize.


Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you enjoy your time off from exams and look forward to warm summer days ahead!



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