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Clothes You Should Donate

It is that time of year: Spring (Closet) Cleaning!

Even though winter’s still holding on (sadly), it’ll soon be time to put the boots in storage in exchange for your favourite pair of vans, converse, or maybe even flats. But which items should you leave behind forever? The semester’s end is the perfect time for change, renewal, and donating to the greater good!


The first question to ask yourself when deciding what to donate to charity is:

If anything is out of fashion, are you really going to wear it? If yes, continue to do so! Be true to yourself. If not, you may be feeling a change in style coming, which is totally acceptable. Undeniably, people’s fashion choices change over the years.


How many times have you picked the cutest outfit of the bunch?

Keep it. DON’T throw away the things you make use of, but DO donate the things that you don’t use at all so that someone else can make use of them.


How many clothes sit in your drawers without being touched for months on end?

Is it that sweater that no longer fits? Or the pants that don’t go with anything despite their deceiving appearance, which led you to buying them in the first place? These are bin-worthy giveaways.


Things you shouldn’t give away are clothes that are both sentimental and bring you happiness.

Although, if you happen to be holding onto something that’s forever linked to a bad memory, you know what to do.


Lastly, if it’s broken beyond repair, maybe it is time to part ways with it.

If you know that donating it won’t give it a second chance, you know the drill.


But where should you donate clothes? Locally, there are two Goodwills and a Value Village nearby UW. There’s also a thrift store called Thrift on Kent in Kitchener. On campus, the Sustainable Campus Initiative takes donations too!

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