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Canada’s Luckiest Student: Daniel Pracsovics

What was your first thought when you found out you had won?! My first thought was I knew it was going to be me mostly because I had almost the mass amount of voucher points you could get. I had 5950 and the max was 6000. I didn’t want to think that and disappoint myself incase I didn’t win but I was pretty sure. When they annouced that it was me I was like oh I was right all along!

How did you find out about the application process? I was doing some scholarship research when I came across it. I was trying to enter in as many scholarships as possible during high school. It was free and it looked like a lot of fun. (Turns out it was definitely worth it!)

How long is the application process? It was about 15 minutes. Not that long at all.

Was there any way to increase your chances of being Canada’s luckiest student? There were daily challenges and words that you would have to enter in order to get more points as well as completing riddles. 

How long did it take to find out you won from when you applied? It took about five months.

What will use the money for?! Well to be honest I didn’t need the scholarship for University because I had co-op. I’m not worried about finances all that much right now but it will definitely help with post graduate studies and research expenses. I’m also planning on investing it. And possibly in five years time putting a down payment on a house! (Big plans, we envy you!)

What did you do after you won?  Well my first plan was to go back and study but my friends and family convinced me to go back to my hometown to celebrate.

Would you recommend the Canada’s Luckiest Student to others? Yea definitely because there’s also smaller scholarships that are given out too like trips to Europe and $2000 worth of pizza. As well as weekly prizes. (Mmmmm pizza…)

Would you say that this experience has changed your sights on the future? It has definitely changed my life greatly. Really affected it for the better.

Check out the video here!!! Congrats again Daniel!!!

I am a super friendly person! I have bright Green eyes that smile almost as big as I do! My favourite season is Winter and it's not just because I am a proud Canadian. I am enrolled in the Planning Program in the Faculty of Planning, and I am super excited for my first year. My friend Sav and I are Her Campus correspondents for the Chapter at Waterloo! Super excited! The outdoors is one of my favourite places to be . I love to read magazines, books, and fun interesting facts. I love fashion and trying new and different styles. I am constantly redecorating my room to make it feel even more like home and to show off who I am.
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