The Bullet Journal: Your Back-to-School Secret Weapon

School can be chaotic. Between classes, part time jobs, extracurricular activities and a social life, students have a lot to balance and it can easily become overwhelming. This is where a bullet journal comes in. A bullet journal is a notebook where you put everything you need to know, from your class schedule to your to-do list to your study notes and so much more. This secret weapon is the key to having the most organized, productive, and overall best semester yet.


All you need to create a bullet journal is a journal and colourful pens. If you want to go the extra mile, get some markers, watercolour pens, highlighters, washi tape, and stickers. As for the actual journal, I recommend getting either a journal with blank paper or dotted paper. Blank paper gives you lots of freedom but dotted paper helps keeps everything organized and even without being as obvious as graph or line paper. You can find cute journals at Amazon or Indigo.


The best part of a bullet journal is that it is very flexible and you can mold your bullet journal to your needs. It is also a great creative outlet. There are unlimited possibilities of different spreads to make and different ways to design each spread. Common spreads include monthly and weekly layouts, habit trackers, budget charts, and brain dumps. Need some inspiration? Search bullet journal (or BuJo) on Instagram or Pinterest for some really cool bullet journals!


Will you be creating a bullet journal this semester?


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