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Best Places to Study on Campus



Since studying takes up about 50% of a student’s time – eat, sleep, procrastinate, study, repeat – it’s important for everyone to find the perfect place to study, especially because you’re most likely trying to cram three chapters of content in two days before that big midterm. As someone who doesn’t like studying in her basement of a room, here are some of my favourite places to study on campus.


1. SJ2

Since it is one of the newer buildings on campus, it’s a spacious lounge area with tables, chairs and interconnected couches. The room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, so it has the perfect lighting and the scenery surrounding the area is quite nice. It’s usually pretty quiet, so you can definitely concentrate on studying. There is also the Funcken Cafe, which has an assortment of baked goods, sandwiches and hot beverages, for you to find that perfect snack while you’re studying.


2. STP 105

By STP 105, I mean the lounge area right outside the room. There are a couple of couches, chairs and tables. Unless there’s an economics class going on in the lecture hall, it’s pretty silent. There’s a Watson’s Mug cafe, which has an assortment of food and beverage choices, so you don’t get hungry while studying. I usually go there in the morning to review my econ notes before class starts.

3. Dana Porter Library

My favourite spots at DP are probably the desks located along the windows. They’re near the computers beside the assignment research desk. The windows provide a good source of natural lighting, and there’s electrical outlets for each desk, making it convenient for those of us who need to frequently charge our electronics. While you’re there, you can access the rest of the library’s resources as well as the cafe.


4. Davis Centre Library cafe

I’ve never been to this library, but the cafe is suitable for studying. With circle desks and plenty of chairs, the cafe is ideal for group work. Again, there are windows and there’s a Tim Hortons, so if you need an extra boost of caffeine, be sure to crash there.


5. V1 laundry room

The sound of the laundry machine is quite calming, there is good air circulation and you can take breaks by watching people play ping pong through the window. Nuff said.


Have fun studying!

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