Artistic Ideas for People With No Spare Time

Do you feel like you can’t find a spare minute to do anything artistic?  Does the thought of planning time to pick up a paintbrush or make a craft seem entirely unrealistic?  If this sounds familiar, please don’t convince yourself that you can’t create simply because you’re busy! To get you started, here are a few time-efficient ways to incorporate artistic activities into your day.

  1. 1. Stop and Take a Photo

    The vast majority of people have a phone with some kind of photography capability, but most of us only use our cameras for Snapchat selfies and the occasional group photo when we’re out with friends.  If you see something that you admire, whether it’s a tiny flower or a unique piece of architecture, stop and take a picture! By doing this, you’re training yourself to notice and appreciate the beauty around you. 

  2. 2. Collect Leaves on The Walk to Class

    Walking back and forth from classes this fall, I always admire the stunning colours of the leaves. Well, guess what… they’re free! Next time you’re out on campus, pick up a few eye-catching leaves and tuck them into your pocket or backpack. (My favourites are any bright red ones.) You can use them as dorm room decorations or even bookmarks!

  3. 3. Doodle on Your Study Notes

    Hopefully, your midterms are almost over, but if you’re still struggling through your chemistry notes, think about doodling on them! Quick story time: after my gap year, I was more than ready to jump into academic life at university. One afternoon, I was studying for an economics midterm. As I looked out the window, my eye was caught by dramatic shadows on a nearby building. Without thinking, I started to sketch the building on the corner of my page – and I’m someone who never doodles! But after a few minutes of drawing, I realized how calming it was. So even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, get doodling!

I’m sure you have a full schedule, but I hope you’ll find a minute or two to try these ideas! We are all creative people who need to balance our work and school lives with some artistic outlets. Maybe one of these tips will be perfect for you!