All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants that Will Give You a Food Coma

Sushi is honestly my kryptonite. I have a thousand and one assignments I should be doing right now, but here I am, sitting in my friend’s passenger seat, writing this article while I wait for a table to be free.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get off campus much when I was in first year. The only sushi I ate that year was the premade kind in any residence cafeteria. If you're a foodie like me, but have trouble getting out of the campus bubble, I have some suggestions to wasabi up your life. (Instead of spice...? Sorry, I'll see myself out) After finally getting out of our res rooms in first year, my friends and I managed to make it to a few sushi places. Here are some of the best sushi places in my opinion in the KW area! (but probably not that great because we're not in Japan...)


1. Kinkaku Ikazaya

They're located in downtown Kitchener and are, by far, my favourite. It is about a half hour bus ride from the university but trust me, it's worth it! You'll hear from any sushi enthusiast that this place is the best one around - that's why it's always so busy! You'll definitely want to call ahead and make a reservation. Along with killer sushi, they sell crème brûlé for desert! If you’re 19, make sure to bring your ID because they have wonderfully delicious alcoholic beverages like lychee mojitos and mango slushies!


2. Sushi 168

This sushi place is located on Westmount, just a 10 minute bus ride away! Definitely the second best place to go, but much closer to campus than Kinkaku. This restaurant is great because they offer gluten free options and are very vegetarian friendly. Their atmosphere has a bit of a classy feel because of their deluxe sushi rolls and the beautiful decor. I think it would be a great place for a first date if you’re not too embarrassed to eat twice your bodyweight in front of your date. I’ve never done it, but they also do have a take out menu. Based on a quick search, it looks like you would call and order, but I’m not sure if they deliver. Let me know, because I would love some spicy chopped scallops right now.


3. Sakura Island Sushi

Sakura also has vegetarian options for any california roll lovers out there. Along with all the delicious sushi they serve, they also have a variety of Korean food. They’re approximately a 17 minute bus ride away from campus, but they have amazing food. For real. And with our free bus pass, I think you’d definitely think the ride is worth it after tasting their Red Bull roll! Sakura also offers delivery with through Just Eat if you decide your hair is a little too greasy to go out in public.


4. Itamae

This restaurant is also close to the university, only around a 12 minute bus ride and behind the Starbucks that’s across from Laurier. They also have beautiful decor and serve a variety of drinks from the bar. It was the first sushi restaurant I went to in Waterloo, so it has a special place in my heart (and stomach). They also have really big, comfortable booths, probably for people who need to take a sushi coma nap before ordering round 4! (I’m kidding! Please don’t take a nap in a restaurant booth!)

It can be pricey, as all four of them are all you can eat, but I suggest checking the days and times to decide what’s in your price range. Everyone knows that lunch is cheaper than dinner, but at some of the restaurants I mentioned, they also have cheaper prices on certain days. 168 is cheapest during lunch from Monday to Thursday! Are you having sushi cravings yet?


So, I’m officially stuffed. Thanks for reading my punny yelp review!