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Activities to Do with Your Long Distance BFF

We all have that friend; you talk to each other everyday, day and night. You know what’s happening in each others lives. You even know when your friendship anniversary is! This is the friend who lives miles away from you but is always there for you. Even through all this, somehow you both have been able to overcome all obstacles and maintain such a strong friendship. When you finally hear that your friend is coming to visit for a weekend, you feel fantastic! There’s so much you want to do, but what exactly? Here are some suggestions on what you both can do during the time you have together.


1. Treat them out in town. Take them somewhere different to have an experience in your city.


2. Watch a cheesy movie together. Nothing beats watching something that will give you automatic feels.


3. Have a dance party. Blast out those 2000s songs and dance the night away. *Cue Wannabe*


4. Give them a tour around the city. Let them see all those places that you show her via Snapchat and places you both wanted to visit together.

5. Take bomb Instagram photos. Perfect opportunity to have a photoshoot and take shots of the two of you.

6. Look at old photos and reminisce about the good old days.


7. Create something from Pinterest. From cute cupcakes to arts and crafts, there are thousands of things to be made!

8. Stay up late talking about life. Although you talk about life everyday via social media, it’s different when you are face to face. You will feel more connected!


Whatever you and your friend chose to do, you’ll both enjoy have lots of fun together!

Hawa Latuke

Waterloo '21

Fourth year of the double degree program pursing a bachelors of mathematics at the University of Waterloo and a bachelors of business administration at Wilfrid Laurier University.   Avid tea drinker. 
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