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8 Ways to Make Environmentally and Pocket-Friendly Lifestyle Changes

Plastic Straws

In order to save the turtles from choking on nasty pieces of plastic, let’s switch to metal straws. Washing reusable straws is not that big of a hassle, it barely takes 30 seconds. 

Plastic Cutlery and Tumblers

Many coffee houses offer a discount for bringing your own reusable cup. This small saving can add up over time for people who drink coffee (or any other similar beverage) on a daily basis. Food delivery services also offer an option to opt out of plastic utensils delivered with food as an environment-friendly option. A simple tap on the app can actually make a big difference in the long run.

Sandwich bags

Zip locks and plastic sandwich bags can be swapped for reusable silicon bags. Not only are these cheaper over time, but they offer a solution to millions of plastic baggies ending up in the dump year after year. 


Bring your own reusable bags every time you go shopping. Most grocery stores charge for plastic bags. Using reusable bags is not only pocket-friendly, it’s great for the environment. 

Protein Alternatives

Going vegan for one day a week can make a big change. With just one day, you can save 840 gallons of water that would otherwise be used to produce your food. Check out some healthy alternatives like tofu and lentils. (PS, these are also cheaper than meat!)

Reusable towels

Using cloth towels to wipe surfaces and clean counters is way better than spending a large chunk of your grocery money on paper towels. 

Water Bottles

Instead of using plastic water bottles, use a reusable water bottle. In addition to being environmentally friendly, these have lower levels of carcinogens in the form of plastic particles. 

Hair dryer

This hairbrush lets you dry your hair 40% faster than air drying, and prevents heat damage. The brush and its packaging are made from eco-friendly substances and it’s available for just $8.85!

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