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8 Things Guys Will Learn While Living With Girl Roommates

1. Why the bathtub takes forever to drain.  

And ideally how to unclog it. We can try to avoid this. But long hair, truly don’t care.  

2. The necessity of having a bathroom garbage can.  

When we first moved in we added it to the list of “must-haves.” He didn’t quite get why.

3. We need more than just one bottle of Old Spice Shower Gel to get the job done.

Sorry if we take a long time. There’s shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, face wash, shower gel, exfoliating scrub…. (Side Note: I wish I had this many LUSH products.)

4. That pasta is generally not considered a breakfast food…  

This is not to say that men can’t cook. They just…don’t get it sometimes.

5. …But cookie dough is permissible at any time of day.

Especially during certain times of the month.

6. There is a lot to talk about.  

I know me and my roomies like to chat at dinner. A lot.  

7. Sometimes you just need to have a dance party.

School can be stressful sometimes!  


8. That girls care about a lot of things – including their guy roomies! <3

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