7 Ways to Earn Money

There are many ways you can earn some money during the summer. Having a bit of extra cash can definitely be nice to spurlge on cute wedges or a Starbucks frapp. One way you can earn some extra money is to get a part time summer job. There are a lot of places that are looking to hire students for the summer! Make sure you're resume is the best it can be (have a family member read it over) and try to get some reference letters from clubs you joined during the school year as well as past employers.

Another way to earn some money is by babysitting. Playing with kids can be really enjoyable plus it's a sneaky way to get some exercise in (anyone want to play tag? soccer?). If you live in a kid friendly neighborhood this can be super easy. Put up flyers and send out e-mails. If possible have a previous family you've babysat for agree to be a reference or open to being contacted by someone interested in "hiring" you. This will up your chances of getting it over someone else plus it puts any worries the new family may have to rest! If you've never babysat before look into taking the "babysitting course" where you'll learn how to care for infants, change diapers, prepare bottles/meals and learn fun games to keep kids occupied. You should also start off watching family relative's or friend's kids and see how you do, it's great practice and bonding with your baby cousins!

Have any old books laying around that you've already read and are collecting dust? Take these unused books to a used book store. Some stores give a percentage of the original price, while others give an approximation of an appropriate price. Easy-peasy! Maybe leave some cute notes or inspiring quotes in them to put a smile on the next reader's face, after all it's said that positive karma sent out comes back even stronger.

Do you like animals? Do you enjoy being outside? Well then dog walking could be the job for you! It's a great way to make some quick money, get some exercise and gush over the cute puppies you wish were yours. On the contrary, if you prefer to be inside and away from the outside elements pet sitting could be just up your alley. Not to mention you get to cuddle and play with the little cuties! 

Similar to pet sitting, if any of your family, friends, or neighbors are going away they'll need someone to look after their house and plants. What could be easier than that?! Bonus: you have an escape to watch all the Netflix you want with no family member distractions - assuming you have permission to use their TV of course. It's a big responsibility, so make sure to take it seriously!

Washing people's cars is also a great way to make some quick cash. You can do this at your house, their house or even get a group of friends together and do it as a group in an empty parking lot and split the money. Making money and hanging out with your favourite people? Count me in! Put some adds up around the neighborhood and voila! Or maybe even find yourself a Liam Hemsworth to distract we mean help you...  

Lastly, a garage sale is an awesome way to make money without too much effort! Do you have some clothes/things/jewelry you don't really use anymore or old toys you don't need? Sell 'em! Convince your bffs to help you and maybe sell some fresh lemonade and summer treats on the side, popsicle anyone? If garage sales aren't your thing but you want to sell old stuff for money, join Kijiji! All you have to do is post pictures of what you're selling and an email address somone can contact you with.