7 Useful Apps for University

We live in a technological world filled with apps and software. Especially when it comes to school, having the right tools can help you learn faster and smarter. I’ve been experimenting with useful apps since the beginning of university to determine which ones would best help me transition into in my university career. With that said, here is a list of apps I like using for university.

1. Microsoft Onenote

The only downside to this app is that it saves files in PDF format, which makes it a little harder to give to friends for editing and sharing, but it makes taking notes really easy. The date is automatically recorded for each new note you take, which I find to be super convenient, considering how I always forget to date my notes. You can also divide your notebook into sections for each class so that it is easier to keep track of. The add-on is that you can make multiple notes for each section, to keep all your notes in one place. This app is available both on desktop and mobile.

2. Google drive

If you are the type of person that like keeping backups of your stuff online, I would highly recommend Google Drive. Google Drive includes apps that are like those of Microsoft Office; Google docs (Word), Google slides (Powerpoint), Google sheets (Excel), etc. Google Drive is also perfect for those who share notes often with friends. All files have their own link to easy sharing, or you can add your friend’s email to the file. They also have Pixlr Editor and Google Drawings, both of which provide basic photo-editing and tools for sketching.

3. doGRT

This one is for transportation. If you are anything like me and come from downtown Toronto, where buses come every 10 minutes, you probably got frustrated with Waterloo’s GRT. Although I have tried different apps, doGRT works well to notify me with bus schedules and when the next bus is coming. It tells you the bus routes based on your location, which helps a lot when you are trying to plan your trip.

4. Mijem

Mijem is an app created for people in social circles to buy and sell with each other. It works a lot like Ebay and Kijiji, except Mijem was created for collections of items that need to be sold. You can find basically everything there including rentals, clothing, beauty products, and video games.

5. Microsoft Outlook

According to upper-years who use NexusMail, the university gave first-years a new email platform: Outlook. If you do not want to have to switch between mailboxes on iPhone, you can download the Outlook app. This makes it easier to check your email, keep up with notifications from the school and your classes, and share notes with friends. You can get notifications faster this way with a specific app dedicated to your

6. Sigma

Created by a University of Waterloo computer science student, Andy Liang, this app was created to help students keep track of their schedule. There is a calendar where you can keep track of all the deadlines in your courses, a notebook where you can record all of your course schedules, and details about classes. There is also a checklist for tasks, upcoming goals, and achieved goals. This app is useful for school and totally worth a try!

7. Shoppers Drug Mart

I use this app mainly for coupons and flyers (broke university student here). For all the beauty addicts out there who can no longer buy as much high-end makeup as they used to, Shoppers is your one-stop-shop for drugstore products and skin care essentials. Be sure to download the app to save on products!


Comment your favourite apps for university!