7 Holiday Decor Ideas

Decorating your apartment during the holidays is so exciting. However, decorating your school rental apartment or dorm room can put some restrictions on what you can do. Why should that stop you from making the most out of holiday décor this season?

For so many of us we are here in Waterloo till the last day of exams and only get home a couple of days before Christmas so in the meantime let's add some holiday spirit to our spaces. 

Here are 7 holiday-decorating ideas to make your apartment holiday cozy this Christmas season!

  1. 1. DIY Christmas Tree

    It’s not Christmas without a Christmas tree so get creative and make use of your wall space. Pinterest has the coolest ideas for Christmas tree DIY’s that are totally affordable. 

    - Washi tape Christmas tree

    - Use Christmas garlands from the dollar store to create a tree

    - The ideas are endless! This is such a fun activity that you can even do with your apartment roommates. ​

    Christmas tree made of lights

  2. 2. Christmas Scents

    Christmas scents are one of the easiest ways to make your space smell like Christmas. Check out Bath & Body Works, HomeSense, or Winners. These stores have a great selection of holiday candles and scents that will increase your holiday spirit in no time, while also adding a little touch of décor to your space.

  3. 3. Paper Snowflakes

    Paper Snowflakes! This is like a throwback craft from when many of us were kids, but it is still a great way to add some decorative Christmas style to your apartment. 

    So why not take it up a touch and create 3D hanging snowflakes? This is an easy step-by-step craft that anyone can do. When you are done just tie it with a string or ribbon and hang it up anywhere. Check out Pinterest for different tutorials on how to create.

  4. 4. Wreaths

    Wreaths are beautiful and a great decoration for any space. Simply hang a wreath on your room door or in the window, or from the ceiling. This décor idea takes up little space and at the same time looks very festive.

  5. 5. Christmas Lights

    This décor idea will put the apartment in a Christmas mood. Hang up Christmas lights everywhere and anywhere. Border the windows, doors, and ceiling with lights.

    After coming back from a long day of studying, seeing all these lights up will for sure put you in the holiday spirits.

  6. 6. Hot Chocolate Bar

    This is great for any student space or apartment. This a simple way to make sure you and your roommates always have access to a taste of Christmas, and it makes for cute décor in the kitchen. 

    Simply get a cupcake stand or treats stand from the dollar store. Get some cute jars and chalkboard stickers. Fill each jar with a Christmas goodie (ex. Candy canes), marshmallows, and hot chocolate powder. 

    Voila! Now you and your roommates have a pretty décor piece and 24/7 access to hot chocolate and Christmas goodies all season long.

  7. 7. Holiday Blankets and Pillows

    This is perfect for your bedroom or living space. Throw blankets and pillows instantly make any space cozy, especially for the holidays.

    Check out HomeSense or Winners for great deals on holiday pillows and throws. 

In all, those are 7 décor ideas for your student apartment or dorm room this holiday season. Give these holidays décor ideas a try and bring holiday cheer to your space season. Remember with a little bit of DIY, budgeting, and creativity you can make any space holiday-worthy this season! Good luck on exams and have a Merry Christmas!