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6 Simple Ways To Make Reading Part Of Your Daily Routine

Do you have a pile of books stored somewhere in your home that you’ve been meaning to read? Let’s be honest; life is so busy, and it can seem impossible to fit reading into your schedule. 

Recently, I have begun trying to prioritize reading. I grew up loving to read, but just like everyone else, I got so busy that it was pushed to the bottom of my list. 

I always called myself an avid reader, but to actually be true to that title, I was determined to start reading more books than I was collecting (if you know what I mean).

If you are an ex-avid reader looking to reconnect with your love for reading, or if you’re just interested to start reading more, then this article is meant for you.  Here are some simple tips to make reading part of your daily routine. 


Find books that you WANT to read

Ever since starting my daily reading journey over a month ago, I realized how important it is to find books that actually interest you. 

Before truly committing to reading each day, I would just attempt to read books that I had lying around in my house. It was difficult to read these books because I wasn’t interested in them, whether that was because of the topic, genre, or the storyline. 

A great way to find books to read is to:

- Ask family and friends what they’ve been reading 

- Start searching on Google for book recommendations 

- Check out the New York Times Bestsellers list, Amazon, or Indigo for latest books

Find the best reading option for you

There are so many different methods you can use to make sure you are reading! I personally like having an old fashioned hard copy book on hand, but there are so many other ways to read. 

Options include: 

- E-Reader (more like a book than a screen) — I’ve tried it and it's great! 

-Audio books — they’re so much fun and can be easier to have on hand while doing other tasks.

Set a reading goal

Don’t overthink this! Setting goals doesn’t have to mean committing to reading one book a week. It’s okay to start small. 

I am committing to reading two books a month. What can you commit to? Write this goal down in your journal, planner, or on a sticky note as a reminder of what you want to accomplish. 

Not only should you set a goal for how many books you want to read, but I’d also recommend setting a goal for when you want to read. Same piece of advice: don’t overthink it! Start with finding what time works best for you, whether that be mornings, afternoons, evenings, or even on your lunch break.

Find a time that works for you! It doesn’t need to be for an hour; it can simply be for 15 minutes each day. But guess what? If you are really into the book, you’ll catch yourself reading for more than you set. 

Add something special to your reading time

Make your reading time a special time for yourself. Don’t hesitate to grab a cup of coffee or tea, and have some of your favourite snacks on hand. Find a comfortable spot and curl up in a soft blanket.

You do you! Make reading something you always want to return to.

Always carry your book with you

The great thing about books is that you can take them anywhere! Just drop them in your bag and you're ready to go. 

I take my books everywhere! It's actually quite funny, because my parents used to make me do this exact same thing when I was younger. 

Having your book on hand is a great way to pass time wherever you are, and it's a great reminder to replace your phone time with book time! 

Unless you know you can’t read where you're going, make sure to have your book.

Replace screen time with reading time

We spend so much time on our screens! In this day and age, we are constantly swiping through social media, or catching up on the latest Netflix show. These acts of leisure aren’t bad, but when excessively consumed, you can find them draining your energy. 

During the day, you probably pick up your phone many times, so one tip is to replace that action with picking up a book. This is a great way to remind yourself to read while also practicing the act of just reading whenever.

You’ll find that by reading more, you’ll be more rejuvenated, less stressed, and you’ll also have better mental stimulation. These are just a few of the immense benefits of reading. 

Those are my 6 simple tips to make reading a part of your daily routine. If you need somewhere to start, I recommend reading “The Fear-Fighter Manual” by Luvvie Ajayi and “More Than Enough” by Elaine Welteroth! These are two books that I am reading this April, if you’d like to read along with me or gain some insight about the book, check out my blog at ohefuaye.com or @oh_efuaye on Instagram. Happy reading! 

Hi my name is Efuaye and I’m in Honours Public Health! This term I am the Co-President of HerCampus Waterloo. I have a passion for health/wellness & anything creative! I am always up for a DIY challenge! Always catch me with tea, chocolate, and a good book in hand! To check out more of my writings & my blogging business check out ohefuaye.com!
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