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6 Signs That You Live at the Student Life Center

The University of Waterloo’s Student Life Center is one of my favourite spots on campus. From the variety of food, free stuff and studying you can do here, I am sure it’s every UW student’s favourite spot too! Here are 6 signs that can let you know if you basically “live” at UW’s Student Life Center:


1. You have memorized all the prices at Tim Horton’s

You don’t even have to go into the store to check if you have enough change!


2. You can appreciate all the music that comes from the basement of SLC

Extra points if you’ve Shazam’d some of the songs! 


3. You know when the line ups for the food places are the smallest ~ (in between classes)

Boo ya, no wasted time waiting! Not to mention you learn which places have the best specials and such ~ Bomber specials are the best specials.


4. People can always expect to find you there

You basically don’t even have to pre-plan hangouts with people, they know where to find you and can come and catch up whenever!


5. You are guilty of taking a nap in the silent study

I mean everyone needs a place to rest in their “home” right?! Especially when you’re there til 2am cramming for finals….


6. You have a supply of free stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Clubs, Sororities, Feds, and others sometimes set up booths to give away free food or goodies ~ and you know when and where. Not to mention the vendors that come too, fudge anyone??? Yum.


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