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6 Halloween Themed Movies and TV Shows

 — That won’t give you nightmares.

For those of us who can’t watch horror films, this is what we’ll be watching this Halloween!

Stranger Things

If you haven’t already seen season 1 of Stranger Things, that is your first go to binge-worthy Halloween activity. After watching season 1 of Stranger Things, season 2 is releasing on Netflix on October 27th. Stranger Things is a great go-to for you and your friends if some of you love horror and some hate it. I personally am not a fan of horror films and I loved Stranger Things. There are some creepy parts to the series, but mostly, it is an exciting, dramatic and sometimes funny series. You fall in love with all of the characters. They take you back to the 80s and go on an adventure of solving a big town mystery. It reminds me a lot of the Goonies, but way creepier. Highly recommend!


The Goonies

One of my favourite films is the goofy and hilarious film, ‘The Goonies.’ Throughout the entire film you feel as if you are a Goonie trying to find One Eyed Willy’s treasure to save the town. This is not typically a Halloween film, but there are booby traps, pirates and criminals that cause you to be worried for the Goonies the whole film and create a spookiness that will have you in the Halloween spirit. Also if Chunk isn’t your favourite character by the first ten minutes of the movie then you should just stop watching the movie right there and then. “Goonies Never Say Die!”


Halloween Town

There’s Halloween Town, Halloween Town II and Halloween Town Three. I recommend starting with the first one. If you like it move to the second one and then STOP. The third one has a new Marnie (the main character) and it’s not very good. The other two are also not the greatest films in the world, but I find them entertaining and remind me of watching the Family Channel (the Disney channel) when I was little. They are about witches who help solve mysterious activities that are occurring in Halloween Town, a town full of supernatural creatures. Plus, Debbie Reynolds is in it and who doesn’t love her!?



Okay! You will fall in love with Casper, it’s weird, I know, but it will just happen. At least it happens when you are a ten-year-old girl… You probably won’t now that you are 10 years older than him. Anyways, it is a fun and dramatic movie. My favourite part is when they go through the inventor’s lab and of course the end ;).



A big guilty pleasure of mine is watching Twitches One and Twitches Two. They are extremely entertaining! The idea of having a twin sister you maybe never knew you had, has always been a thought in the back of most people’s mind. The fact that you would have a twin sister, but as well have magical powers?! I mean come on! How can you not watch it now?!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

BEST HALLOWEEN TV SPECIALS! Every season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a Halloween special that deals with Holt and Jake competing for who is the best detective; the entire episode is around how they trick each other into thinking what the other one is going to do in order to achieve the specific task. This special task is agreed upon at the beginning of each episode. This year is the fifth year for the special! Be sure to watch them all. I think you should just binge watch the series if you decide to watch them all :P. It is such an amazing show! Highly recommend it if you love comedy series. It took me a couple of episodes to truly get into the show as a heads up.


There you have it, my top six Halloween worthy movies and TV shows to watch this Halloween!

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