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5 Ways to Prepare for Finals


1. Create a study plan

Visually blocking out time in your calendar can help keep you accountable and on-track. My study planner last term helped me visualize all the tasks I needed to complete, and thus to schedule my time appropriately for finals – it truly was a lifesaver!


2. Make fun and useful notes

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Making notes can be a long, boring, and difficult process – so make it fun! Try different styles of note taking and find the perfect fit for you. You can check out our article on different note styles here for some inspiration!


3. Review course materials


This may be self explanatory, but it’s so important to go back over course lectures, notes, and videos. If you can find past exams or practice questions – even better! Review as much and as often as you can.


4. Take breaks

Taking breaks is equally as important as putting in the work. Try the pomodoro technique where you study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. Scheduling breaks will help you feel less tempted to always check your phone and more focused on getting work done.


5. ….but don’t procrastinate

Taking a break should be just that – a break! Make sure you get back to your work and keep on track with your study plan so you don’t get too stressed or overwhelmed.


Happy studying warriors & good luck with finals!


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