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5 Ways To Get In Touch With Nature This Spring

Plant a garden

Growing your own plants is such a rewarding thing to do. If you’re lucky enough to be staying in one place, research some long term crops that you’re interested in growing. I’m hoping to plant some tomatoes, greens, and sweet potatoes this year! You’ll want to get started on this as soon as possible because right now is the prime time to start planting. If you’re not able to plant outside, try to grow plants in your windowsill! You can throw some green onion roots in water and watch the onion grow back, or you can try to grow an avocado tree in a cup. There are so many resources online to help get you started!

Play outside

Connect with your inner child this spring! You can never be too old to play games outside; don’t let anyone tell you differently. Whether you want to bike around, build a fort in the woods, or play spikeball at the park, there are so many ways to get creative outdoors. Try to think of what you did after school when you were young and get outside to try that again! 

Have a picnic

Find a secluded spot outside and pack the best charcuterie picnic you can imagine. I love to spend time eating outside; it’s a great way to connect with nature and prioritize being present. It’s so important to take time to tune into our senses by acknowledging how great food tastes and how beautiful nature is. Listen closely to hear birds or a river nearby, or look at the grass to see if there’s a small life you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. Need food ideas? I recommend focaccia, goat cheese, and red pepper jelly with your favorite fruits on the side. 

Hike to find flowers

Have you ever seen those adorable journals with pressed plants and concert tickets? I think it’s the cutest way to document your life and it’s so much fun to look back at a journal that doubles as a scrapbook. When I go on hikes with my friends, we always look for cute little flowers that we can pick to bring home and press to save for years to come. Just make sure that you’re careful to leave nature as untouched and preserved as possible! Take one or two flowers, and leave the rest to grow. I like to pick weeds, such as dandelions and daisies. This leaves wildflowers, which are very delicate, to grow in peace. 

Take your workout outside

If you’re like me, you probably like to do exercise routines primarily in a gym or in your house. This spring, try to switch it up by taking your workout routine into nature. I suggest trying a fun yoga routine. The peaceful and observant nature of yoga is a perfect match for an outdoor environment. Allow yourself to focus both on the movement of your body and the sounds of nature around you for a great workout experience.

Hey there! I’m Meagan and I’m in my second year as an Honours Kinesiology student. You can catch me spending my free time reading, being outdoors, and thinking of fun new recipes to make!
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