5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Going Out



In the midst of midterm season, Halloween is a great excuse for you to take time out of your hectic schedule and celebrate the day! Although you’ve been excited for the day to come, you question your attendance at parties or campus events this year. If you feel like this and still want to have an amazing Halloween (this year or next year), it is totally possible! Here are some fun ways to enjoy Halloween without going out.  


1. Watch Halloween themed movies or TV shows  

There are a large variety of Halloween themed movies and shows for you to choose from! From something scary like The Exorcist to something less scary like The Addams Family, your night will be complete in addition to curling up in a blanket and eating popcorn.

2. Cooking or baking a Halloween surprise

Whether it’s a pumpkin pie, muffins, cake, or Pillsbury Halloween cookies - enjoy all the sweets you possibly can on this sugar filled holiday!

3. Halloween sleepover

Spend the night with friends, terrifying each other with ghost stories, giving each other’s a Halloween themed makeover, or just studying with a larger plate of desserts in front of you.

4. Decorate your place

Halloween is a holiday where you can go overdo decorating as much as you want! You can give your place a Halloween makeover with a change of lights and creepy decorations that can be bought at your local store.

5. Carve a pumpkin

Get your artistic side on and carve a pumpkin for decoration! You can put a candle inside to light it up!


Halloween does not necessarily mean that you have to go out. You can learn to enjoy yourself indoors with your close friends or even by yourself. Happy Halloween!