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5 Underrated Wholesome TikTok Creators You Should Follow

It’s no secret that TikTok has blown up significantly since the pandemic forced all of us out of normalcy and into this version of house arrest. Like many others, I was hesitant to download the app towards the beginning. In my mind, it was just a reincarnation of ‘Musical.ly’, an app I had zero interest in. 

As quickly as that thought slid into my brain, the faster it left when I finally decided to create an account. Much to my surprise, my TikTok main page was filled with hilarious videos that took my mind off of adjusting to online school and worrying about how the pandemic was going to affect us. It gradually became even more: a borough of videos that ranged from political education to school help and uplifting messages. TikTok is such a large part of our social media world now. And as toxic as social media can get, here are five comforting and wholesome TikTok creators you must follow!

Brittani Lancaster // TikTok: @brittanilancaster

I discovered Brittani’s TikTok videos through her ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos. I was quickly drawn to her upbeat and bubbly personality, but I especially loved her content. Brittani, a graduate of the University of Oregon, has struggled with two eating disorders in the past. After deciding to take back her life and finally seek help, she now posts healthy, balanced, and intuitive meal ideas in order to promote normal eating habits among young people. Being a survivor of disordered eating myself in the past, she made me feel so safe and instilled a sense of excitement in me every time I sat down to eat a meal. It’s clear that she has a true heart of gold and is really passionate about helping others struggling with eating disorders. Her videos are genuine and extremely comforting. 

Dr. Magnolia Printz // TikTok: @balancedanesthesia

Dr. Printz was one of the first people I ever followed on TikTok. She is an anesthesiologist who makes videos about balancing medicine with marriage and family. From this description, you might assume that her content is geared more towards middle-aged adults. However, her many videos that share advice targeted at young people, whether they’re interested in medicine or not, show otherwise. Other than advice videos, she speaks extremely honestly about her experience growing up Filipino-American and being in an interracial marriage. In addition, she talks about the tough and not-so-fun parts of being a doctor. She is the perfect role model for young people of colour who have interests in pursuing medicine. Her account is the perfect blend of education and inspiration. 

Cat // TikTok: @catvolcy 

The first thing I noticed about Cat’s videos was her voice. She spoke so calmly and quietly that I almost always felt relaxed from the moment I started watching one of her videos. Cat is a student at Towson University, and uploads ‘day-in-the-life’ videos where she speaks candidly about mental health and shares tips for self-care and love. In a time where it is difficult sometimes to see the good parts of the world, it is vital that we must first show ourselves love and care, which is what Cat preaches. It is so admirable to me that she is not afraid to publicly discuss her struggles with mental health, and I love even more that she is adamant about showing those moments. She also has a podcast where she talks about healing and creating a beautiful relationship with yourself. Her videos are a breath of fresh air. 

Joanne M. // TikTok: @thekoreanvegan 

The sheer artistry of Joanne’s TikTok videos were what first drew me to them. The cinematography of her videos is simply immaculate and they’re done with so much love. Joanne shares vegan recipes of traditional Korean foods all while telling stories about her life; growing up Korean-American, her relationship with her immigrant parents, the stories of her parents, her failed marriage, and her current lifestyle. Her videos have made me tear up countless times, mainly due to the amount of emotion in the stories and the way she retells them. You can pinpoint every thought that dances through her head as she recalls all the pieces of her life that have made her the person she is today. To me, Joanne is one of the most wonderful TikTok creators to join the platform. 

Gabby Whiten // TikTok: @gabby.whiten

I recently discovered Gabby while scrolling through TikTok. She creates videos about her day-to-day life living in New York City and the process of obtaining her Ph.D. in pharmacology. I immediately followed her because I admired how real she was. She painted New York in a way that didn’t feel over glamourized or gentrified. She bridges the gap between a seemingly unattainable city and the possibility that anyone can make it there. On top of this, she is also an inspiration for young women of colour who have interests in pursuing academia and science, as she shares tips and tricks on following that route. Her videos are effortlessly beautiful, and I always leave her page feeling so inspired. 

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