5 Tips for Having Your Best Semester Yet

Welcome Back, Warriors! A new semester is upon us. And whether you are a first-year or coming back for another year, a new semester is a fresh slate, full of potential. It is up to you to kick it up a notch and make it the best semester yet. Don’t know where to start or need a little refresher? Then keep reading for 5 tips on making this semester one for the record books.

  1. 1. Do It Your Way

    According to a 2014 NY Times article, only about 50% of students at four-year undergraduate institutions actually finish their degree in four years. It is totally okay to take five or six years, or however long you need, to finish your degree. It is also totally okay to decide you want to study something else and change programs. I did last year and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The reality is that there is no longer such thing as a typical four-year degree. Your time in university is completely your own journey and you need to do it your way and on your own schedule.

  2. 2. Organization is Key

    You are probably tired of hearing how important organization is but you hear about it so much because it is truly one of the most important life skills you can have. You need to figure out your own method of staying organized, whether it is a calendar app, a planner, a bullet journal or whatever you prefer. Your GPA (and future career) will thank you!

  3. 3. Self Care. Self Care. Self Care.

    I can’t say this enough: Self Care is the most important thing you can do as a student! With all the stress of assignments, exams, and balancing everything else on top of your classes, it is so easy to burn out. Take time every day, even if it is just five minutes to do something solely for you. Need ideas? Here are 26 different ways to practice self-care!

  4. 4. Use Your Resources

    The University of Waterloo offers a long list of services for students. Chances are you probably aren’t taking full advantage of having them all at your fingertips. For a full list of all the services Waterloo offers, from intermural to The Writing Centre to Health Service, and information on how to use them, check out the University of waterloo website. https://uwaterloo.ca/offices-services/

  5. 5. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

    Ever wanted to try acapella? What about E-Sports? Or learn to swing dance? No matter what it is, there is a club at Waterloo for you! And the start of a semester is the perfect time to get involved. Check out a full list of clubs here or check out clubs day in the SLC on September 19th and 20th to find the perfect club for you!

Have a great semester Warriors!