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5 Tips to Have a More Organized Space in 2021

It’s so much nicer to look at your space when it’s organized. You will be able to find things more quickly, be more productive, and work more efficiently. You will be able to achieve your goals with the peace of mind knowing that everything is in its place. I bet that we would all love to enter a new year with a more organized space. Let’s all tidy and declutter to start the year off right.

Tackle One Section at a Time

Organizing your whole apartment or even your whole room can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Divide your large space into smaller spaces that are more manageable. Each section will probably hold different types of items. When you go through each section, be careful to assess everything. Decide if it belongs where it is or if it should be moved someplace else.

Decide What You Really Need

Looking at my room, I realized I have more possessions than I know what to do with. I found that I have things that I don’t even use. As a result, I learned that I should really declutter. When clearing out your space, think about what you really need and what you can live without. Categorize items that you don’t want into three categories: donate, recycle, and discard.

Sort by Creating an Order

Create an order that you find makes sense to sort your possessions. You should choose sorting methods that will allow you to easily find what you’re looking for. For example, I decided to organize my clothes by colour and my books by author name. You should keep similar items together in the same area. You can sort them into different drawers, shelves, baskets, bins, and boxes.

Bins and Boxes are Lifesavers

Bins and boxes come in different designs, colours, and sizes to fit your needs and aesthetic. The dollar store is my favourite place to get them because they have many budget-friendly options that will hold your stuff and look great. You can use bins and boxes for both organization and decoration. They help you to keep things out of sight and make your space look tidier.

Divide your Drawers

Sometimes, I look at my drawers and discover that they have become a jumble of stuff. I can try to tidy them up, but the drawers always revert back to their former mess. You can buy drawer dividers at stores or to save money, you can create some DIY ones. I simply searched for DIY drawer divider tutorials online and found a lot of different ones available. I used some pretty scrapbooking paper to make mine.

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