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5 Things That Make Having a Long-Distance Best Friend the Best

After high school, a lot of people don’t end up going to the same university as their best friends. This can suck but it also can have its advantages.

1. You Have Space to Grow

It may have been hard to develop who you truly are with a friend in the past, even if she is your best friend. The space enables both of you to find your true selves while maintaining the relationship.


2. You Meet New People

Even best friends have differences; the space may allow you to meet more people like you. It is also lots of fun when you introduce your long-distance bestie to your new friends and see that they get along well.


3. Your Reunions Are Epic

After so much time apart, the ability to spend time together is a rarity that is cherished. Catching up and making new memories with an old friend is truly a priceless experience.



4. She is an Excuse to Visit New Places

Visiting your friend where she lives can be fun and a bit of an adventure for you. It may also be an exciting experience for her, as she is able to show you around.


5. She Acts as a Safe Place

Sometimes life gets stressful and it can be nice to have someone who is not involved in your life daily life to talk to. Your best friend can offer support or good advice over the phone on some of the rougher days.


Best friends are valuable and being further from your best friend doesn’t have to negatively impact your relationship. If you focus on the positives your friendship, it could be stronger than ever!

Alexis Egi

Waterloo '21

Alexis is a planning student at the University of Waterloo. Alexis has published a young adult novel and has had her work published in a number of Canadian anthologies. Alexis loves writing, cooking and reading.
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