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5 Things To Do In A Quarantine Holiday Season

Watch Christmas Movies with the Family

Since most of you are probably quarantining with your family this holiday season, watching a great Christmas movie would do no harm to the festive season. My family loves to watch “The Polar Express” and the “Home Alone” movies to lighten the mood and give us a chance to smile. Christmas movies truly bring the feeling of pure holiday spirit, especially in these difficult times. Gather your family and grab some popcorn, hot chocolate and comfy blankets to enjoy a lovely movie as a family!

 Decorate The House

Another really fun activity is decorating the Christmas tree and the house to make it seem festive. Decorating with the family is so much fun and I truly enjoyed my time decorating with my family when we struggled to open up the Christmas tree and tried to put the lights on without getting tangled in them! Get yourself some great decorations and go all out this year!

Do a Gingerbread House Challenge

Get some gingerbread house kits and have a competition of who can decorate it better than the other team. Unfortunately, in my case I’m an only child so I have to be the only one on my team and that makes it super hard since my parents are very competitive. As a family we try to participate in such competitions to ensure that there is some fun and games during the holidays!

Bake some Cookies for the Neighbors

Seeing that there is still a pandemic going on we need to spread some cheer to others so that the holiday spirit is still alive. Bake cookies in big batches and make small packages including hot chocolate, and other holiday goodies to give to your neighbors. To be safe, my family and I make the packages and leave them by our neighbor’s door and then send them a sweet message that there was a treat left at their door. Spread some holiday cheer this holiday season!

Go see Christmas Lights around the Neighbourhood

As another activity to do this holiday season, jump into the car with your family and go around your neighbourhood to go see the lovely Christmas lights that everyone has put up. This is a great way to experience somewhat of a normal holiday season, because you get to see what other people are doing to spread holiday cheer! Seeing Christmas lights is a great way to spend some quality family time and get out of the house while being safe!

I hope you enjoy your holiday season and that these ideas help you make your holiday season fun and happening. These ideas are great tools to boost your mood during these gloomy days. The holiday season is all about spreading happiness and cheer, and while we have faced a lot of hardships this year as a community, these are some things you can do to make the end of this year jolly!

Tithi Joshi

Waterloo '22

She is a student at the University of Waterloo in Health Studies. With a passion for medicine, but has a love for writing.
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