5 Steps to Being More Accountable With Your Plans

I have often been labelled a flake. Does this hurt my feelings? A little. Is it true? Also a little. Okay, a lot. So I have brought it upon myself to change this flaw of mine before it (and by it I mean me) starts ruining more than just my plans. 


(^me when someone asks if I’m going out…) 


I would like to say in my defence that it’s not that I don’t want to do things and to leave whatever overpriced student living I am situated in at the moment. I just suck at being realistic sometimes and then when deadlines start getting close I feel so overwhelmed that I usually end up cancelling and feeling like a dork about doing so. 

Hence why I have compiled a list of 5 (somewhat easy) steps you can take to ditch that title of being ‘the friend who always bails’ and become the one who joins in on the fun! 

Let’s get started!

  1. 1. Write it Down

    (^it feels so good to cross things off a list, doesn’t it?) 

    Whether you are a gel pen filled agenda or iPhone notes kinda person, just do it. I find when I write down a plan it is more exciting and I am much more committed. I guess once it’s written in sparkly purple pen it becomes official? 

    Even if it’s as minor as grabbing BBT with a friend, writing it down makes it seem like a grand event. If you are feeling a little cray-zay, do a countdown a few days before and really pump yourself up! 

  2. 2. Make Goals

    (^prove everyone wrong!)

    It’s the middle of October so I am a little early to make any New Year’s resolutions, which I never do anyway so instead let's just label these under ‘miscellaneous goals’. Commit to not bailing on plans once a week and build up from there. 

  3. 3. Leave Reminders

    (^if this isn’t me, I don’t know what is…)

    Maybe a sticky-note on the bathroom mirror is what it is going to take to get you to stick to those plans! 

    If I am going somewhere I like to pick out my outfit and set it aside so when I see it lying there all lonely on my dresser, I am reminded that I finally get to change out of my sweats and go have fun! 

  4. 4. Choose a Buddy

    (^okay, if you say so…)

    Sometimes reassurance is all we need to get out there and do the thing we were lowkey dreading doing. So, choose a buddy who you know isn’t afraid to lay down the law and officially promote them to “Accountability Buddy”. The punishment for breaking the rules can be decided between you and your buddy and I am not responsible for the outcome, just saying. 

    But this buddy can also be there to encourage you to keep your plans. Whether it is meeting up with a friend, finishing an assignment, or getting in a workout - they can be your cheerleader! 

  5. 5. If All Else Fails, Go Old School - Pinky Promise!

    (^awe friendship…)

    Is there anything worse than breaking a pinky promise? Maybe stepping on a sidewalk crack and breaking your mother’s back? 

    Pinky promise with a friend! It is what most likely started your friendship in the first place - “I pinky promise to be your BFF for the rest of my life” or maybe “I pinky promise to sit with you in every lecture until the day we graduate.'' Either way, pinky promises are essentially legally binding. 

    So if you are really struggling with sticking to a plan, make a pinky promise. If you have to join your own left pinky with one of your right hand then whatever, just do it. You may get some strange looks but at least you are being accountable, even if it is just with yourself. 



Being personally accountable is a skill that takes a lot of work and maturity. It’s a great trait to work on and always be thinking about. Once you become more accountable with yourself and small scale things like making plans, you will find lots of areas in your life where accountability plays a role. 

Stay accountable Warriors! I pinky promise this list will help you! (See I am already following Step #5!)