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5 Signs That You Have Been Friends Forever

I always hear stories of friends being fake and back stabbing other friends. I always hear stories about people who cannot trust anyone because they have been hurt so many times by people&nbsp any times by people. All these stories make me really sad but I can never seem to relate to them.

I have been blessed to have best friends in life. Through thick and thin, my best friends have always stood beside me. I can trust them with my life and would take a bullet for any of them in a heartbeat. I feel like I have known them my whole life and cannot imagine my life without them.

Here are 10 signs that can let you know if you have been friends forever.

1. You catch up from where you left off.

Most of us go to different schools, that are very far away from each other. So seeing each other every week or even every month gets very hard, but that does not change a single thing in our friendship. We always catch up from where we left off.


2. Your family is there family

From mom and dad to brother and sister to even aunt and uncle, you know their whole family. they get invited to all family events, like my brother’s wedding!

3. So many inside jokes

Jokes no one else would understand. Ever. Jokes no one else will even find funny.

4. Pizza time is all the time.

Even though none of us can ever agree on pizza toppings, we all have a mutual understanding that pizza time is always.

5. Incredible stories

Every time we are together we makes stories that will last a lifetime. Most recently, my friends tried to steal a cake from a birthday party.

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