5 Resolutions That Will Help You Slay This Semester



Welcome back, Warriors! A new semester is upon us. And, just because New Year’s Day has passed, it isn’t too late to make a few resolutions. Here are a few ideas to make that will help you slay this semester!

  1. 1.   I will sleep seven to eight hours a night

    I know as a university student, this can be hard. Between staying up late working on assignments and morning lectures, seven or eight hours of sleep can seem like an impossible goal. But a proper amount of sleep will help you focus more, reduce your likelihood to burnout, and overall improve your wellbeing. So promise yourself that this semester, you will say goodbye to all-nighters and surviving on coffee and hello to a better you.  

  2. 2.  I will actually use my planner

    I am one of those people who, whenever January comes around, always buys a new planner but promptly forgets to use it for a majority of the year. I wake up most mornings hoping that I don’t forget any deadlines or meetings that I didn’t write down anywhere and was just hoping I would remember. So, if you are anything like me, this is the semester to get into the habit of actually using your planner. Sit down every day, write down deadlines, meetings, appointments, etc. and get organized.

  3. 3.  I will create memories

    Don’t let yourself get so busy with assignments and classes that you forget to spend time with friends and create memories. When you look back in five years, you won’t remember that one paper for that one class. You will remember those wine nights or coffee dates with friends. I am not saying to forget about assignments or anything like that but, make sure you have a balance and don’t let your life pass you by while your nose is too deep into your textbooks to notice.

  4. 4. I will join a club

    Getting involved on campus is one of the most rewarding, amazing parts of university. I have had the privilege of joining Alpha Omicron Pi, one of two sororities at UW, as well as writing and being on the exec team for Her Campus. UW has so many different clubs that you are sure to find one that interests you. And if writing is your thing, then join Her Campus by shooting us an email at [email protected] (shameless plug)!  

  5. 5.  I will actually attend my lectures

    This may sound like an obvious one but we can all get in the habit of skipping a lecture here and there. Once you fall into this habit, it is suddenly the end of the semester and you haven’t attended every lecture for a whole week all semester. Make this semester be different. Don’t let yourself fall into that habit. Remember, you are paying to be here so, by not showing up, you are basically throwing money away.  

And there you go, Warriors! I hope these resolutions help you this semester! What are your resolutions?