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5 Reasons Why You’re A Better Valentine To Yourself Than Anyone Else Ever Could Be

I’m going to start off by saying that I absolutely love Valentine’s Day, even though I have been single for every Valentine’s Day of my life. The stereotype that single people are sad and bitter and hate the month of February is bullsh*t. Why should there be a day that you only get to enjoy if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? If you’re single, own it! Take all the effort you would invest in Valentine’s Day plans with a partner and, instead, invest that effort in treating yourself. Embrace the opportunity to be your own Valentine. If you really think about, you’re a better Valentine to yourself than anyone else ever could be anyway. Here’s why:


1. You give better gifts.

Sure, getting gifts from other people is awesome. But you won’t necessarily always like what someone else gets you. I know “it’s the thought that counts” and all, but personally, I’d rather have a really great gift than a mediocre gift with good intentions. When you buy a V-Day gift for yourself, you know it will be exactly what you want. The candy will be the kind you were craving, the clothes will be your size and style, and anything else will be perfect because you know what you want better than anyone else does.


2. You never have to compromise with yourself on a date night activity.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who has a different idea of fun than you do, compromises will have to be made on date nights. Suppose, for example, that you want to try an escape room for your V-Day date, and your partner wants to watch a movie. There’s nothing wrong with compromising, but it is nice to be able to do exactly what you want without having to worry about what anyone else wants to do. That’s exactly what you get to do when you’re your own Valentine!


3. You won’t fall short of your own expectations.

If you’re hoping for some big romantic surprise from your partner on V-day, and all you get is a text that says “happy vday xo,” it can be quite a letdown. When you’re your own Valentine, you know exactly what to expect, so you’ll never end up disappointed.


4. You’ll match your own level of enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re crazy about V-Day and want to wear pink and red, go on a fancy date, and post a long sappy devotion to your partner on Instagram, and all your partner wants to do is have a low-key night in like any other day, or vice versa, it might be tough to find the right balance. However, if you’re single, you won’t have this problem. You can be as extra or as low-key as you want.


5. You’ll never feel bitter about your solo Valentine’s Day memories in the future.

If you have a wonderful V-day date with a partner but then go through a messy breakup later on, it may be difficult to look back and appreciate the good without feeling bitter or resentful over how it ended. But you’ll never break up with yourself, so the good memories you create on your own won’t ever be spoiled by future events.


So if you ever end up being your own Valentine at any point in your life, remember that it’s totally ok, and may even be preferable to the alternative. Embrace the opportunity to show yourself a little extra love, and have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

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