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5 PERFECT Skating Destinations to go This Winter

Waterloo is a chilly city to live in – especially in the Winter. You can never wear that fashionable pair of mittens without getting frostbite on your fingers and double pairs of fuzzy socks are a must! But we have to admit there are some pretty fun and enjoyable activities to partake in this time of year, specifically ice skating!

Below are a top five list of must-go ice skating spots within or around Waterloo before everything melts. Some are further away than others, but worth every bit the extra distance. Between long trails and cute little rinks within the city there are lots of variety for every type of skater. Even for that skater that is a little shaky and needs to sit down every once in a while ;)


1. Uptown Waterloo Skating Rink

This is by far one of MY favourite skating rinks I’ve ever been able to glide across. The size of the rink is just right, perfect to go with a small group of friends or with a significant other and go for a cute dinner at Famoso or Beertown to warm up after. The Zamboni is very timely and it’s a perfect place to run in to some classmates or get to know the heart of Waterloo a little better, I would recommend going in the evening so you have more of the rink to yourself.


2. Victoria Park Skating Rink

A little further than Uptown Waterloo, this rink is a great place to go on a weekend! It is only a 15-minute car ride from the University of Waterloo and it’s a super big rink to accommodate all Kitchener locals and Waterloo students. Easy to find – it’s right across from the Boathouse and FYI in the summer it’s a bomb patio to sit at (and not many students know about it ;)) Great location for a cute Instagram pic in the snow also.


3. Gage Park

If you’re heading towards the 6ix you should take a pit stop on the way and stop in *drumroll please*… Brampton! Gage Park is a hidden gem within the GTA and is full of brightly lit, twinkly lights put on by the town’s Tree Lighting Ceremony each year. The trail to skate on has the perfect aesthetic with the different coloured lights brightening up the path. If you don’t believe me, go see for yourself!

Photo Cred: tripadvisor


4. Nathan Philips Square

Maybe you’re looking to get out of the Loo for the weekend and hit up Tdot. There are countless festivities going on in the big city, such as, Winterlicious (seriously some of the restaurants are to die for). But also while you’re in the heart of downtown, Nathan Philips Square is a must-go! It is super easy to rent skates, only $10 for 2 hours! While you’re there you can take cute photos in front of the artsy Toronto sign – if you know how to stop in skates of course.

5. Arrowhead Park Ice Trail

This last skating location is only for the most ambitious skaters. This trail is located up in Muskoka – a shocking three hours away from Waterloo, but would make a great day trip for this upcoming reading week. The trail is measured at 1.3 km and skaters get to experience a winter wonderland through the Muskoka forests and wilderness. Admission into the park is $17 and if you don’t own skates, rentals are only $10! Surprise your friends with a road trip this February and try racing them on the trail!

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