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5 Halloween Costumes You Can Make Without Leaving Your Home

2013 Teen Self

Raise your hand if you reverted back to a childhood obsession at some point during this pandemic. Just me? Whether you were a beauty guru fanatic, superwholock nerd, or a YA novel fangirl, I’m sure you have some old items from back in the day. So bring out your favourite hair bows, mustache necklaces, fandom t-shirts, and books to really bring this costume to life.

Bonus Activity: Truly embrace the holiday in 2013 style by making Bethany Mota’s pumpkin cookies and lighting your favourite Bath and Body Works scented candle. 

The Bachelorette

Break out your old prom dress! If you want a reason to get completely dressed up this Halloween, this costume is it! Easily pull on your favourite fancy dress, grab a rose – and you’re set! For an extra glam look, try following a new cut-crease eyeshadow tutorial on Youtube. 

Bonus Activity: Take a photoshoot with friends so you can edit your very own The Bachelorette promo photos! 

Gucci Model

Have you been on TikTok lately? If you have, you’ve probably seen the totally hilarious trend where people try to dress like Gucci models. In case you haven’t seen the videos, the process to creating this look is as follows:
– Turtleneck
– Shirt
– Vest
– Bright blazer
– Vinyl pants
– Mini-skirt
– Accessorize with a headscarf, glasses, and clear heels

Bonus Activity: Make a TikTok of your creative process, maybe Gucci will even repost it?

A Zombie

If you’re anything like me, you probably binge watched all the dystopian movies you could find at the beginning of lockdown. Drawing on these for inspiration, try going as a zombie for Halloween! If you’re super busy right now, this might already be your everyday look anyway! Try using black, brown, red, and purple makeup to recreate the look of bruising and dark circles.

Bonus Activity: Have a marathon of spooky apocalyptic movies like Zombieland or Warm Bodies. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is a fashion icon. This costume would be sure to make you feel fierce and confident just by experimenting with clothing you might already have. Try some of his staple items such as flared pants, bold button-ups, sweater vests, silk blazers, and pearl necklaces.

Bonus Activity: Get your roommates together and test each other on your lyrical knowledge of Harry Styles’ music. 

Extra Bonus Activity: Buy tickets to ‘Harryween’ at Madison Square Gardens next year.

Hey there! I’m Meagan and I’m in my second year as an Honours Kinesiology student. You can catch me spending my free time reading, being outdoors, and thinking of fun new recipes to make!
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