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5 Canadian Comedy Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time. There are many different genres and kinds that you can listen to, from educational to entertainment and comedy. That being said, many of the podcasts that dominate the charts come from American content creators. There is nothing wrong with that and of course you are free to listen to whatever you want to; but just in case you were in the mood to listen to some locally sourced content, here is a small list of five of the best Canadian comedy podcasts for you to check out.


1. I Hate It But I Love It

Toronto-based writers, co-hosts, and real life friends Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie talk about the movies and tv shows they love, and also simultaneously kind of hate. Laugh along as these ladies poke fun at the media that permeates our culture. From Riverdale to Supernatural, The Matrix to The Devil Wears Prada, you are sure to find an episode on some pop culture that you’ve also indulged in.


2. The Villain Was Right

Comedians Rebecca Reeds and Craig Fay look at movies from the villain’s point of view and argue why they were right. The hilarious back and forth between the two co-hosts makes this one of the funniest podcasts you will listen to.


3. That’s How I Remember It

 Four comedy-improvisers retell movies to the best of their memories. This multi-award winning podcast is repeatedly listed as one of the best to come out of Canada, and for good reason too. The four improvisers have amazing chemistry and their banter will have you rolling on the ground with laughter as they try (and sometimes fail) to recreate beloved classics like Mrs. Doubtfire, The Goonies and Mean Girls.


4. Spooked!

Similar to That’s How I Remember It, in this podcast four improvisers riff off each other to create a scary story. The premise is simple enough, and the end results are hilarious.


5. Killed to Death

Every week, comedy writers Griffin and Steven are joined by a guest to act out, analyze and solve a murder case. Don’t worry, the murders aren’t real - but the scenarios improvised by the host are deliciously funny and sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.


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