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The 5 Best Productivity Apps for Apple Users

These apps will make your life so much easier – especially as finals approach.


1. Itsycal.

Itsycal is a tiny calendar that sits on your menu bar and displays a monthly calendar in one click. It also can be set to display the date, month and day of the week! Way handier than the say of the week and time that Apple defaults.

Download from:  https://www.mowglii.com/itsycal/


2. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking system that allows you to create different notebooks. Take notes in class, then download the app to continue studying on your phone if you go out! Download it from the App Store on your computer or iPhone.


3. Flux


Flux dims your laptop screen so it’s easier on your eyes at night. Sort of like Night Shift for your phone! Download it from the App Store on your computer.


4. Magnet

Magnet allows you to re-arrange multiple windows to be open at the same time on your Mac. This is very helpful for research assignments! Download it from the App Store.


5. Momentum

You have probably seen this in class when someone opens Chrome. Momentum is a Chrome extension that provides a welcome screen as a homepage and for new tabs. You can write a task that will stay up for the whole day. Download it from the Chrome Web Store:


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