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5 Beauty Products That You May Not Know Are Cruelty-Free

Are you a big fan of makeup and do not support animal testing, like me? Below is the list of different makeup brands you may not know are cruelty-free:

1. Too Faced


Too Faced is a perfect choice for those who are into the natural look. I am obsessed with Too faced dazzling color palette – they have the cutest packaging ever! Fact: their brushes claim to be made with the softest teddy-bear hair.


2. Fenty Beauty


If you are a Rihanna fan, you must have heard of her makeup brand. Fenty Beauty is more than just makeup. Fenty Beauty markets itself as a solution to all skin types. Whether you have light, dark or even hard-to-match skin tones, Fenty Beauty has your back.


3. Hourglass


Hourglass is a conscious brand and is proud to offer cruelty-free beauty products. How can you not fall in love with their high quality and luxurious makeup? Their products are beautiful and blend into the skin like a dream.


4. Anastasia Beverly Hills


Continuing down the list, Anastasia Beverly Hills is also a cruelty-free cosmetic company and is known for their versatile brow products. No animal-derived ingredients inside, just love!


5. E.L.F.


This company offers many great, affordable products like lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, synthetic makeup brushes (but not all brushes are cruelty-free), and paraben free skincare products, among others. Their products provide neutral tones which are perfect for a simple and natural look. Keeping things simple can make a look more wearable and less of a blow to your bank account.

Nicole Dang

Waterloo '21

Hi! I'm Nicole, a third-year Science and Business student at University of Waterloo
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