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5 Amazing Things About the Fall

Fall is the most beautiful and relaxing season out there. Nature is truly magical because it adds so much colour to life, especially through the season of fall. Nature defines fall differently in different parts of the world, but Canadian falls are the most beautiful. Here are some things that are awesome about fall in Canada.

Warm Colours

We all love those warm mellow yellows, dark maroon reds, and dark browns. All these colours give off the vibe of warmth and home, especially to students away at university. Wearing these colours is a fashion statement that expresses that fall has arrived. My goodness, warm colours remind me of pies! Every colour has a mood attached and every fall colour has a dark and vibrant aura that attracts anyone to them.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Fall Foods

We all love our pumpkin spiced lattes, especially in this basic culture. Anything fall themed or spiced is a go-to for anyone in this season. Just imagine eating a warm, crisp and delectable apple pie on a cool fall evening. Fall is all about the warm and comforting spices that add a hint of home to any day. Pumpkin spice lattes add a little bit of warmth to the cool, crisp and comfy evenings walking to class or spending a day at home with tons of work. We have to appreciate the happiness fall foods and drinks provide us!

Sweater Weather

Fall brings out the warm comfy sweaters that we all love to wear because they are so comfortable. For once, a lazy outfit is considered fashionable and wearable. Sweaters give us the comfort we need but also the chic and desired look for any fall day. Especially in Canada, where the fall season is a transition from warm to cold, to super cold in the winters. A sweater and a nice pair of jeans just does the trick for any day.

Leaves Changing Colours

Living in a place like Canada provides one the chance to experience mother nature in action. The leaves change colour, falling off of the trees, leaving the tree bare for the winter. It is such a beautiful representation of the cycle of life that makes a person want to feel happy even on the gloomy and rainy days. Each and every colour of the leaves represents the different colours and shades of life that return every year to spread warmth and beauty in the preoccupied lives we live.

The Cold Days

I know the cold sounds dreadful and awful, but it isn’t a punishment. If you see the positive side, it means more pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s to warm you up! Just having the feeling of experiencing seasonal change is a blessing, because guess what, people in Florida aren’t able to experience drastic weather changes like the people in Canada. The feeling of sitting in front of the fireplace when it is cold on a fall evening is another feeling altogether. Fall brings many fun things to the table but the cold is one of the best parts.

Fall is a wonderful time here in the north and it is a blessing to the people that experience such a wonderful seasonal change. With the beautiful colours, comfy sweaters, cold but beautiful days and lastly nature at its best, what more could one ask for?

Tithi Joshi

Waterloo '22

She is a student at the University of Waterloo in Health Studies. With a passion for medicine, but has a love for writing.
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