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45 Signs you are a Waterloo Student

45 Signs you are a Waterloo Student



1.   If you’re procrastinating on the internet and you’re not on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you are probably on omguw.com or reddit.com/r/uwaterloo

2.   Most of the comments on OMGUW either make you sad or angry then you question why you are on the website

3.   You are actually terrified of geese and super annoyed by them. You usually refer to them as the devil’s creation

4.   At one point you’ve wondered why the goose is not the school mascot

5.   You are surprised by how many squirrels you see on campus

6.   You have to find alternate ways to get to class during nesting season due to certain paths being blocked off

7.   Construction seems to never end and you hate it

8.   Faculty spirit is way more common than school spirit

9.   The only time Waterloo has school spirit is during orientation week

10. The only time you actually watch football is Black and Gold Day

11. You never know where you are going in the PAS

12. The time you actually want Timmie’s there is always a humongous line (and you wonder why there is such a long line when there are 5 other Tim Horton’s on campus)

13. You then complain about the amount of Tim Horton’s on campus and you wish there were more options

14. On the other hand you are excited for the new science building because that means there will be a Starbucks

15. You own some type of Waterloo clothing item

16. You also own the Waterloo lanyard

17. You know all the stereotypes about Laurier and think that you are better than Laurier (sorry Laurier)

18. When someone refers to the Battle of Waterloo, you think of some type of sporting event (usually football) between Waterloo and Laurier, not the historical event

19. You are upset by the new touch screen maps in the SLC

20. Being socially awkward is actually a crime (source: https://uwaterloo.ca/police/news/suspicious-person-campus )

21. Parking tickets and library fines are terrible

22. Quest and Jobmine are the worst

23. You refer to DP as the sugar cube

24. You can’t tell someone to meet you at the library because you have to specify which library you are in

25. You think that MC is the ugliest building on campus

26. You know the SLC main floor bathroom is the worst bathroom on campus

27. You know there is a high population of Asians

28. You know the saying: You know you go to Waterloo when the library smells worse than the gym

29. Start-ups are everywhere

30. You understand what someone means when they say that they are in their 3B term

31. Even if you are not a Science student, you think that Josh Neufeld is cool because he dresses up on Hallowe’en as Batman, Darth Vader and a Minion

32. At one point in time you’ve been to the Bomber

33. You see people napping in public all the time and you’ve been conditioned to think that it is a normal thing

34. You think that the tunnels are creepy and look like a fun house

35. Everyone is aware of the pillow fight video

36. You secretly try to find a way to meet Chris Hadfield

37. Iclickers that count as participation marks are the worst

38. Even though “e” is not an option, there is always that one person that presses “e” on the iclicker

39. Engineers know Hell Week and when it occurs

40. “Mike’s Bikes” is every AFM and “and business” student’s worst nightmare

41. It is perfectly normal to see people in business suits on campus

42. Everywhere there is geese poop

43. You see vans and trucks drive on the pathways where you are walking and you wonder if you are actually going to get runned over

44. If you live in rez, you complain about the lack of heating in the winter or the lack of air conditioning in the summer

45. You call Waterloo home and you wouldn’t want to go to any other university

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