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4 Reasons the Miss Universe 2014 Pageant Was Feminist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Waterloo chapter.

Many of today’s feminists are actively trying to combat the objectification of women. As a generation trying to eliminate beauty pageants, you might feel a little embarrassed to have watched this year’s Miss Universe Pageant. Sure, it’s problematic in many ways, but this year’s pageant had its fair share of feminist moments!

Here’s 4 of them:

4) Emilio Estefan Addressing Violence Against Women

Emilio Estefan was the only judge in the competition to pull out actual statistics relevant to women’s issues today. He asked Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell: “One in 3 women will experience violence in their lifetime. What can be done to get that number down?” Despite the broad question (as there are different kinds of violence that women face) addressing the statistic on live television brought an important issue to light.

3) Miss Netherland’s Advocacy Against Child Prostitution

When asked what the biggest change she’d like to see from young women in the next generation was, Yasmin Verheijen kept her answer short. As an advocate against child prostitution, she stated that she wants the exploitation of children to stop and that this is the biggest change she’d like to see in the next generation. (We couldn’t agree more)

2) Miss Jamaica’s Pixie Cut

The idea that a woman should have luscious long locks to be beautiful is dead. Jamaica’s Kaci Fennell confidently rocked her pixie cut throughout the night! She said in her introduction: “I am just representing myself with what I see best. That is what beauty overall is about… there is no standard look to anybody.” Amen, sista!

1) Miss Colombia’s Winning Answer

Rob Dyrdek’s “What could women learn from men?” goes into our books as the most thoughtless question to ever be asked in the history of this competition. Despite Paulina Vega’s initial hesitation, she came up with the most impressive answer one could come up with within a 30 second time-frame:  “I believe there are still men that do believe in equality. I believe that’s what women should learn from men.”

Feminists – 1, Meninists (aka Rob Dyrdek) – 0.

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