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4 Awesome Spotify Study Playlists

It’s that time of year where things are slowing down and we’re all gearing up for late nights cramming at home, on campus, or in cafes. Because of this, I thought I would gather 5 amazing Spotify playlists that hopefully satisfy every music lover while they’re doing their best to study for finals.


1. Your Favorite Coffeehouse

I had to start this list with my favourite playlist, which is where I find so many amazing artists and songs almost every day. I personally LOVE folk and acoustic jams, and that is exactly what this playlist gives you. It’s super chill and has a good mix of male and female vocalists, too.


2. Low Fi Hip Hop (Relaxing & Study Beats)

I’ve seen this playlist on Youtube for a long time now and it was really exciting to see it on Spotify too. There’s a great mix of vocal and instrumental tracks, as well as super hype tracks and calming beats. This playlist is growing on me. If you like Hip Hop or Rap, I think this playlist is worth checking out.


3. Disney Score To Study To

Ok, as 90s kids, we grew up on worn out VHS tapes of movies from the Disney Renaissance. To feed that Disney nostalgia, Walt Disney Records put together this playlist with the scores from almost all the Disney movies that I could think of. This playlist is great if you want music without vocals and music that might even be somewhat recognizable.


4. Intense Studying: Mixtape Edition

This last playlist is jam packed with classical music from Bach to to Chopin to many composers in between. It has sonatas to symphony movements and features a number of different classical instruments. It’s a good playlist if you don’t want any lyrics or any tunes that you might be able to hum along to in the library!


Happy listening, collegettes, and good luck on finals!


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