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3 Reasons Why You Should Give Handcrafted Holiday Greeting Cards This Season

The holiday season is now upon us! This is definitely one of the most exciting times of the year. It involves holiday home decor, Hallmark movies, hot chocolate, fireplaces, family, friends, and so much more! 

A big part of the Christmas holidays is giving and receiving holiday greeting cards! Handcrafted holiday cards are the best type of cards to send during the Christmas season, especially during a time like this where most people cannot see their family and friends in person.  

If you are not in the habit of sending handmade Christmas cards, you may be wondering why you should do it. Are there benefits of sending handcrafted holiday cards? Of course there are! 

Here are 3 reasons why you should send handcrafted holiday cards this season:

Add a personalized thought to your gift

Be more thoughtful & make someone smile! There are many people that we care for so much, but we may not get to be in touch with all the time. Unlike generic greeting cards, handcrafted cards give you the chance to add your own personalized handwritten/printed message inside the card. This is a beautiful way to express your season’s greetings with a more personalized touch to show your favourite people how much you love and appreciate them. Check out these amazing personalized greeting cards from Blank2Life Creations!  

Support a small business

Instead of rushing to the store to pick up a mass-produced holiday card, why not purchase a handcrafted one! Mass production promotes bulk buying which ultimately creates unsustainability. Handcrafted items such as greeting cards don't involve huge factories and underpaid jobs for people in other countries that have a weaker economy and can’t sustain their environments. 

In turn, purchasing handmade cards supports a local/small business. Each card is individually created by hand by a passionate crafter. Each card is someone else's imagination, time, and effort on paper. It’s a thoughtful creation that is not about mass production but instead about the people, crafter, and the receiver! Check out @blank2lifecreations on Etsy & Instagram. This is a small business run by two sisters out of Toronto, Canada who have a love for crafting and creativity. They create a variety of handcrafted holiday cards that are perfect for the holiday season. They even take custom orders!

Handmade is forever, and there is something for everyone

Handmade is forever! Mass-produced items are likely to be thrown away but how many people would throw out such a beautiful item with so much thought? None! Handcrafted holiday cards are made with the highest quality material cardstocks that are made to store and keep forever. 

Handmade is for everyone! Each individually handcrafted and packaged card is made specifically with the customer in mind. You are the focus of the project which makes it even more special!

Happy Holidays, thanks for reading! I hope you purchase handcrafted holiday cards this season, they are sure to make you and your loved ones smile. 

Hi my name is Efuaye and I’m in Honours Public Health! This term I am the Co-President of HerCampus Waterloo. I have a passion for health/wellness & anything creative! I am always up for a DIY challenge! Always catch me with tea, chocolate, and a good book in hand! To check out more of my writings & my blogging business check out ohefuaye.com!
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