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29 Times You Couldn’t Handle the UW Geese

1. When the geese return to campus with their unmistakeable sounds after a long winter without them honking

2. When the geese poop everywhere on campus

3. When the geese poop gets on your new shoes…

4. When it’s raining and puddles become a nasty mixture of geese poop and water (Gagging at the thought of it)

5. When you play a sport on a campus field and you fall on the grass only to realize that you also landed in some geese poop

6. When it’s nesting season and the geese are more hostile than usual (Do I run or stand still???)

7. When it’s nesting season and you have to find a new way to get to class because your original route has been taken over by a goose nest (Thankful for the tunnels!)

8. When it’s nesting season and you have to check the goose watch website

9. When it’s nesting season and you have to remind yourself on how to defend yourself against the geese

10. When you get caught in the middle of a fight between two geese (AKA instant panic)

11. When you’re trying to sleep but you can’t because all you can hear is the geese honking (4am….really????)

12. When you can’t concentrate in class because you can hear the geese honking outside

13. When the geese honk 24/7, especially when you’re studying for exams (Earplugs anyone?!)

14. When you’re in a rush to class and there’s a huge flock of geese blocking your path

15. When the geese attack you

16. When you have to walk around a big group of geese

17. When they hiss at you.. (You’re not a cat – stop it!)

18. This video from the Weather Network of UW students talking about geese! Hahaha you’ll wannt to see this!

19. When you tell your non-Waterloo friends about the geese and they think that the geese at Waterloo are “not that bad”

20. When you can see geese right outside your window like ALL the time

21. When it’s sometimes more entertaining to watch the geese outside your window than to actually do homework

22. When you’re walking to class and a goose watches your every move from a rooftop

23. When you tweet something about the geese at Waterloo and the @UWgeese account responds

24. When a goose follows you to class (I’m not going to take you with me!)

25. When the geese don’t pose for your instagram photo

26. When you have a showdown with a goose #bringiton

27. When a prof attempts to shoo the geese away using their brief case

28. When the geese think they run the university  

29. When the geese actually run the university

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