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16 Thoughts Everyone Has While Waiting for the Bus

Ah bless, the 7D comes in 5 minutes


*7 minutes later*


1.         Where you at GRT?


2.         Maybe it’s lost….


3.         Or stuck in traffic…


4.         Is it ever going to get here though or nah?


*4 minutes later*


5.         DID IT ALREADY SHOW UP I do NOT understand?!?!?


6.         Is my time wrong?? Is the bus schedule wrong?? What is happening?? Who am I


7.         ‘Bout to call my ass an uber I got somewhere to be


8.         I’m going to have already graduated and would have gotten my degree by the time this bus comes…


9.         Do I try another stop…


10.      Walking back home doesn’t sound too bad all of a sudden??


11.      Who am I kidding. Walking anywhere always sounds bad.


*Phone battery is now at 10%*


12.      God is testing me


13.      I was not made for the student life


14.      If I had a dollar for every time I wished for a car here I could buy probably just buy the car myself.


15.      Oh my God, I think I see it


16.      It’s here. This is it. It’s happening.



*door opens*


Driver: “sorry folks, the bus is full. I can’t take any more people”

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