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16 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Lady

1. You’d rather spend time with your cat(s) than actual people.

2. Your camera roll is full of pictures of your cat(s).

3. You envision having 34+ cats in your life.

4. You don’t understand how anyone could hate cats.

5. When you go to a pet store just to play with the cats and wish you could take them all home.

6. You go on Facebook and Youtube during your free time just to watch cute and funny cat videos… because you haven’t watched enough already.

7. You go to your friends houses to just play with their cat(s).

8. You’re in a long-term relationship with your cat.

9. You treat your cat as if it’s your baby.

10. You cannot contain your emotions whenever you see a cat(s).

11. You play the cat game app ‘Neko Atsume’.

12. Your cat(s) can do anything to you and you’ll still love them.

13. You own at least one piece of cat themed clothing that may or may not look like this:

14. Your clothes are always covered in fur.

15. They can do literally ANYTHING and it’ll entertain you.

16. You’re forever alone, but that’s okay because cats.


Stephanie is a University of Waterloo alumni. In her spare time, she loves filming and creating YouTube videos. Check out her YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bizzarosmeszaros
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